Wednesday, November 18, 2015


to my used-to-be seatmate
who easily believes in my "made-up" stories(hahaha)
who endured all my daily quirkiness and unintentional bully mood swings
who went penniless with me with our first online business venture

madam (naks! we have a term of endearment)
it was a not-short-yet-not-long enough time we've shared as workmates
but we were able to build a strong foundation of friendship
we don't agree on same things yet we often end up laughing on our differences (di ba?)

from creating test scripts to testing bugs
 from reading system logs to running queries
(there were days we turned into zombies)
our goal was perfection!
but know that there's always that silver lining for errors

so now you're a MRS?!?!@#@!$
(paano na si "edward" nyahaha)
truly, i am super-duper-over-over happy for you and oj
wait-while is worth-while :) 
love love love you shyn!
see you in our monthly date!