Thursday, April 16, 2015

my WILD telltale

I think I wouldn't be able to move on from the movie WILD unless I write something about it. It is a must see movie, I must say. For those who wanted to get inspiration from the life experiences of others - then this is 'the' movie to watch. I already ran down a list in this previous post.

(Clears throat) 

Somewhere in between my younger days, I myself was inclined on getting lost into the wilderness. It is as if all the answers we seek is out there - as if it holds the promise of healing. I am not sure what's with taking a hundred or thousand miles that makes a difference in our lives. I am not sure why sometimes we need to stray away from the present and from the reality to figure out things.

Really... I am not sure. But somewhere in getting lost, you find yourself - you find your way and reasons.

True, witnessing picturesque scenery is some kind of cure. It's like you breath in some medicinal air and you breath out all the toxic out of your system. You get to realize how magnificent life is - the beauty in every sunrise  and the promise in every sunset. Your life issues appear to be small when your up in the mountains - it feels like you are above everything.

Oh I could still feel in my skin the rush. My heart would still skip its beat whenever I go back to those memories. The memories of climbing mountains, trekking unfamiliar trails, getting lost in the woods with no cellphone signal and enough equipments, depending on the surroundings for food & water, going out of your comfort zone, and a whole lot more of words to describe and experiences to tell. I rebelled my reality! My heart was in search for something - something I don't know at that time. I know that I was in search for answers but I wasn't sure of my questions either. Haha! I loved the feeling of danger! We walked against strong river currents and dived into deep waters along the river trek without minding the fact that I don't know how to swim. I depended my life on the hands of my companions. We battled the weather - thinking that rum, smoke, and layers of clothing would ease the shivers.

And then you reach the end of the adventure and go back to our realities. But this time, we carry with us the fact that we have conquered a great adventure - we finished something. We have stories to tell, we have experiences to remember, and we became a witness of something greater that our very own questions. I realized that my rants were all petty. Life wouldn't stop at my whim. The sun will continue to rise the next day and the day will always be concluded with a sunset. It's a matter of perspective, sometimes. 

So cheers to the adventures of life!!!