Friday, April 24, 2015

the other Kay

Just as how the waves return to shore in sweet surrender, I have come to return to the one of the things that I love - POETRY. Yes, I am a sucker for poetry. The selected words intertwined within the stanzas to narrate a story. The pauses and counting beats in every line that give such thrills. 

I had some few attempts in the past [click here] and I am still opting to compile all my work into a coffee book. Dreamy right?! But I will charge ahead with this dream in the nearest or farthest future  - hahaha.

And so, one day I was just wandering in the internet and read about Sarah Kay. Right then and there I didn't stopped clicking and searching about her poetry. Last Wednesday, I went to the bookstore to try my luck on buying her book - No Matter The Wreckage. Unfortunately it wasn't available so I made a reservation. I am keeping my fingers crossed to grab a copy by next month - oh please dear Universe, grant my birthday wish!

What made me interested in the book are the poems: Hands, Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire, Montauk, and Something We Don't Talk About .

She also has this other book titled 'B' with this poem "If I should have a daughter" which made me cry watching her recite in TED.