Wednesday, April 8, 2015

pulled off the best prank (by far) on April Fools

  • playfulness that is intended to tease, mock, or create trouble
  • playful misbehavior or trouble-making, especially in children. 
This year's April Fools we did get enough of MISCHIEF ^_^
Thanks to my partners in mischief hahaha! 

On lunch break, we decided to dine out in the nearest mall. We had a festive lunch filled with conversation and laughter - like always!
One friend removed her retainers when eating. She wrapped it with a table napkin ang placed beside her plate. 
When we were done. She went to the bathroom...leaving her mischievous friends behind.
Out of the blue, one of us decided to replace the retainers wrapped in table napkin with a leftover chicken bone wrapped in table napkin! Hahaha! The retainers were hidden in the bag so we won't actually switch it when the waiter clears our table.

Then she's back from the bathroom. We were bursting in laughter! She didn't have any idea of our scheme. Worst part is she didn't checked the table napkin. She picked up the table napkin beside her plate (exactly where she left it) and walked out of the restaurant with us.

We were back in the office and our stomachs were aching in holding back our laughter. When it's time for her to brush her teeth, she brought with her the table napkin with retainers - as she thought.

When it's time for her to check - imagine the look in her face while saying "This is not my retainers!!!"

I still laugh whenever I think about it. Oh boy that was the best prank by far! So kudos to my mischievous friends for this unforgettable April Fools.
LESSON: Never leave behind your personal belongings to your MISCHIEVOUS FRIENDS (LOL)