Thursday, February 14, 2013

a night in CHIYO

One of my favorite on-the-spot dinner dates ^_^

We're on the jeepney, heading home. You just blurted out that we should stop over and eat in this new and fancy Japanese restaurant that we pass along every night. I said, "Are you sure?" and you answered "Why not?".

So we stopped the jeep and we walked a few steps to the restaurant. We were laughing and excited because we're not sure of the menu, the price, and customs inside a real Japanese resto. Hahaha. We noticed shoes and slippers outside and we wondered if this is like what we see in TV. Good thing that there's an area where you don't need to remove your shoes.

We went in. The place is nice (wink). We were smiling because it's just nice. When the menu was handed out, we knew what section to look at - SASHIMI, SUSHI and MAKI ROLLS. ^___________^  (big smile)

The salmon sashimi was so good, so good I must say again, that we decided to order another one as our finale dish. The "unforgettable" rolls were equally good as well. The sashimi platter was the fun one - it's not presented like in our past dinners so we were whispering on how are we going to eat it. Hahaha. We didn't care! We smiled and laughed in between. Of course we have a dose of our fun talks.

We ended the meal by bowing to each other - a Japanese custom. Hahaha. That was funny really.

It's not the last time we're gonna sit in that resto. We'll come back soon that's for sure.