Monday, February 25, 2013

obey & witness

I have been a member of the Singles for Christ community since 2005. For almost 8 years I've been in and out, seen and gone, and active and inactive in the activities. Maintaining the fire of service is definitely a hard road to take. Tiredness and dryness took a toll in me many times and even to the present time I still do experience these struggles.

Commitment is one meaningful word I should say.

The SFC community holds its annual International Conference or what we famously call ICON. It's one of the most sought-after event of the year. In my almost 8 years I have only joined a few: 2007 - Lanao del Norte and 2009 - Cebu. I missed the 2006 - Baguio, 2008 - Clark Pampanga, 2010 - Davao, 2011 - CamSur, and 2012 - Bohol.

In those two times that I joined, no doubt that the experience was meaningful. However there were factors that contributed that I became unsatisfied: Long travel, unorganized events/workshops, open venue that I almost suffered heat stroke, side trips that caused us to skip the activities and quite a few more to mention. But aside from all these complaints, I would not exchange what I experienced during prayer & song worship, talks and sharing.

This year, it was challenging. We just completed a Christian Life Program last year and welcomed new members in the community, I handled a household, and I was assigned to be the Chapter servant. So it is challenging for me to decline. It felt like I have a responsibility to attend. I knew that I should cut myself some slack, quit my unending list of alibis, and just attend the ICON in Manila. Well, the venue is not inviting to me - it's the least of my favorite places to go. But God's invitation deserves a response. I must listen to His call and be a good daughter at least. I need this kind of activity in my life to remain connected, fueled and restored in my service and purpose. Because somehow I knew I can drown and get lost in my journey in a snap - I could really break. I often get tired and shut blank with questions lately.

Going back to this year's ICON, the venue was perfect - World Trade Center. Why? Because it was a closed and air-conditioned venue ^_^ The food was okay, I commend the organizers for giving us a very relaxed event, the entire production team was good - I'd give you an A+, the talks were superb - well prep, and the sharers - BOOM! concise, fitting, well-chosen and they have the best experiences to share to the more than 8,000 participants.

I am not a squeaky-clean Christian, oh no I'm not. But I'd like to take a shot in every opportunity to return back the glory that I should be giving the Lord. God has been very generous to me. I try not to forget on how He has healed me with my pains, taught me the lessons and values in life, helped me to understand situations and people, taught me how to face my day-to-day life with a better perspective, and just how to live my life with meaning and purpose.

Bottom line of this post: I was there in the 2013 Singles for Christ International Conference. I was a WITNESS.