Monday, May 7, 2012

merely a nightmare

I had such a weird dream last night! I cant seem to shake it off from my head. How am i suppose to start the story? brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! (horse sound). Okay, I'll just start on the scenes that were stuck on my head.

It was raining. As stubborn as I am, I did not bring an umbrella with me. The rain was pouring hard so I decided to go to the nearestmall to buy an umbrella. I asked for directions on which floor can I find the umbrella section and a mall crew told me to go to the 2nd floor. Instead of taking the stairs, I took the closest elevator. And then an incident happened.

The elevator had a malfunction. There was 3 of us inside the elevator: me, the elevator operator, and a stranger. The elevator rapidly ascended. Then it stopped on the top-most floor but that was only for awhile. The elevator descended in a breakneck!!! The 3 of us were panicking. I remember that I was whispering a prayer. As we were on our way down, I was struggling to open the door and somewhat asking for help to whoever. Before we reached our full stop at the bottom, I miraculously opened the door and was able to escape with the other passengers. Since it was a dream, I'm able to do things that reality won't permit. But because of the impact, we were not in good shape. I remember that I crawled & squeezed myself out of the small opening while the stranger was attended by a medical team. With staggered steps I was able to move away from the crowd - refusing to get any medical attention.

I need to call someone. I went back to the scene of accident were I left my phone. Once I was able to retrieve my phone, I exited once again from the crowd of people. I dialed a number. The other line rang. He picked up.

I called D. I informed him that I had an accident. I told him to come fetch me. I told him I need him. And to my shock...he refused to come for my rescue. What the heck!!! I cried in my dream...I think I begged him for awhile. But he was firm that he can't leave some office agenda for my sake. Damn! It hit me so hard. Even it was a hurt me in reality. When I woke up...I was so sad about it.

Why? Why can't he? Why? Even in my dreams --- he can't make a simple appearance?

I don't want Mama and Papa to worry for me. I am fine. I am alive. I just need someone to help me walk on my way home. I dialed another number. In a snap he came. My brother came for my rescue. My legs were really swollen. I can barely walk. I asked him to bring me to the nearest hospital. And as I know of my brother, he didn't argued with me...he knew I need him so he said yes in a blink of an eye.

Then the doctor gave me my diagnosis. I won't be living for long. He said my condition is getting worst and the symptoms are getting obvious. So I had a condition that I was hiding from everyone. The sickness didn't bothered me at all. It was the people that will stick it out with me that bothered me a lot.

Then I woke up --- bothered.

I have this crazy thought that I ain't gonna live that long. I foresee myself of having a heart problem just like my grandmother. That is why I am making a to-do list every year. That is why I want to just have a happy vibe always and drive away the things that would frustrate me. That is why I am always up for something new & something adventurous. I wanted every year to have significant memories to remember. Because I would not want to regret having a short-lived life but I'd rather have...A SHORT-LIVED LIFE WITH A LONG LONG LONG STORY TO TELL.