Tuesday, May 1, 2012

life begins at 30

They say that life begins at 30. Oh well, I say life starts to backtrack for me when my waistline reached 30.
I didn’t notice that I am gaining weight because I am enjoying eating a lot. I have a hypothesis before that I have a fast metabolism and I have small bones – reasons that made me believe that I will not reached the LARGE size category.
I am not even conscious on my weight before. I used to say that I’d like to see how I would look if I gain a lot of weight. Here’s a preview of my picture enhanced with a phone application that 2 years ago. 

Lately, I have devoured in eat-all-you-can, unlimited rice, rice meal for snacks, and just a lot of eating. Then I felt that I am heavy. My reflexes were not as fast as before. I often get knee cramps. 

Because of my insanity and worries, I wished for a “twist board” last Christmas for a gift as I was planning to firm up by 2012. Yes, early January I am committed to a 5 to 10 minutes of doing the abs-twisting routine. It was so tiring and painful especially in the waist area. So I waved my white flag in less than a month.

Then poof!!! I saw a TV commercial of an iced tea drink that would help block carbohydrates – CarbTrim. I speedy-gonzalez my way to the grocery and bought a box. I think I just finished up 20 packs – about 1 week. I can’t keep up with a scheduled routine; I always forget to drink before or after the meal. So I screw up again.

Fairy Godmother then appeared to me and flaunted an image in the newspaper - Spanx. It’s not food or a way of exercise - but body shapers! Maybe I can cheat on my figure and fake those curves with this. So I checked right away in the web the prices – WTF!!! It costs P3,000 plus. So I trashed the thought.

Then I heard a lot of comments from my friends here and there. They say I am getting fat. They ask if I am pregnant. Hahahahaha! That’s when I told myself, “This is fun! I should keep or add more weight”. I liked the facial reactions when people see me. Have I really gained that much? All I know is I’m now a size 30 for stretchable jeans. 10 years ago my waistline is 23 and getting that again is now an impossible dream. 

Currently, I am trying a whole-grain-meal - Nestle FITNESS. Not that I want to go on a diet or loose a lot of weight. I just want to get rid of my tummy bulge.