Monday, February 22, 2010

tell me now or never

so tell me, how am i suppose to love you?

i told myself that love should not waver and that it should not tire down. but why am i feeling all these? i am running out of reasons, i'm running out of breath in this happy-ever-after marathon, i'm running out of hope and faith in my pocket, i'm running out of defense and optimism, and i'm just running out of everything that would keep me waiting in this same place you've put me into!

have you ever wonder of the pain? i may have covered it up with a smile...
have you ever wonder of the torture? i may have bluffed it with an embrace...
have you ever wonder of how i wanted to be free? yet i'm still caught in between this and that...
i may not have the courage of hurting you but i am slowly gaining strength of fighting for what i deserve...

when will you be here? when will you play your part in our story?
i'm so pissed with myself for staying. i can go anytime but why the heck am i still here?
i hate it when you just come and go in your own terms and time
you keep on shoving into my face this "you'll still be there when i come back" feeling
crap!!! this is full of crap!!!