Monday, February 8, 2010

pseudo class

"I'm not gonna fuss about the things that I can't change. I'll end up tiring myself while returning into the same point. It's like walking in circles...crooked and wicked circles!" -Anonymous

There's a girl I knew for quite a long time now. She loved a man for the longest that I could remember from all of her told stories. She loves the man now, tomorrow and for all the days after each tomorrow. She can't change that fact...she loves that man.

But she handed me a big surprising story. She finally waved that white flag. :36:

I did the unchangeable suddenly turned malleable? So I asked her and she answered, "This doesn't mean I'm going to stop loving him because I know that I won't. But I can't let him continue hurting me. I don't know if it's even possible that I'd stop loving and hurting at the same time. But enough is enough. I'd like to be selfish for awhile and give myself a credit. So I'm calling it off. Yet I'm all unsure of this and that but for now the white flag stays on."

Oh well, it's not the end I know for sure. I'd be waiting for the next story that she'll tell. But I know for sure that she's strong-willed and that tomorrow will be better.