Friday, February 19, 2010

My Sister's Traveling Pants

During my lunch break at work, I went to the closest Plaza from our office to buy two (2) skinny jeans for my Ate (older sister).

Ate is residing in the Luzon area while I am in the Mindanao area. Maybe you've figured out by now that this will be a story of the traveling pants.

I have a 2-years age gap with my Ate that would explain the little body size difference (but big height difference...I'm way taller! hehe). We almost fit the same sizes of clothes that is bothering me now because she just gave this means I'm kind of beyond the slim and fit figure.

On my Christmas visit in Manila, we had a lot of chit-chats about this and that. One thing that caught her attention was when I told her that my skinny jeans are just about P200.00. She was shocked of how cheap it was! She can't buy a decent jeans or shorts in Manila with that amount of money. So, life here in Davao is way cheaper! Things are more affordable compared in Luzon. So she called me up this week and sent me money to buy her a pair of skinny jeans.

Ending: Mission Accomplished! :49:
If she won't like the design and fit...then those jeans are MINE! bwahahaha