Friday, November 6, 2015

dear coffee, let's breakup

dear coffee, 

    let's break-up.

mornings don't pass without a sip of caffeine from my old-cracked- heart-painted mug
you leave a bitter taste on my tongue that awakens my sleepy cells
you warm my cold thoughts on system bugs, critical emails, and failed cron jobs
you charge me up and electrify my veins

it was too good to last

then the betrayal of the human anatomy took place
my stomach no longer wants to take you in
i tried to push it more and continued on with morning caffeine sessions
i lose the battle in the end, damn acid reflux!

it's one of those things in life that brings you happiness and pain at the same time

so i had to bid farewell to your smell, warmth, taste, and the mere thought of you
but it wasn't easy! 
people around me reminds me of you
it was decided, i had to get better

after then let's get back together and never break-up