Tuesday, August 25, 2015

subsequent soliloquy

Been on hiatus for almost 2 months from this blog. So before the BER months come, let me break the silence.

Like the usual, there are ups and downs, there are stories to tell of the places I went, people I've met, food I've tasted, and all the cliches in between. A beautiful mess indeed!

Nevertheless, life is no less than interesting!

Within the 2 months, I haven't read any of my books. I haven't cooked a new dish. I haven't created any art crafts that I've been planning to do (BTW I bought brushes and pens that I'm not sure when will I be able to use). I did watched a lot of Korean TV series and new movies in the cinema. Appeared on a local TV show (hahaha) and had a lot of coffee during the day. Spent a lot of time with Mom & Dad ("the Parentals") on weekends - whether at home to do chores or at the mall with holding hands ^_^

That sums up things. To whoever readers out there...just in case, I'm still here (wink).