Tuesday, June 23, 2015

thursday cleaners

once there was a boy
he has distant and elusive eyes
once there was a girl
she has warmth and wonder in her eyes

they belong in the same class
she offered a handshake
he refused
she asked questions
he didn't answer

little did the boy knew that the girl is quite optimistic
she spent most of the school year watching him
reading him
memorizing every expression in his face
he cared not

the girl longed for connections
the boy restrained connections
it all began this way
she pushed, he pulled away

the girl find an answer in her prayers once a week
there is one day that they share hours
before the class starts and at the end of every class
they were assigned to Thursday Cleaners

for the brief ran of the hands of the clock
they did the same thing and they were in the same place
and once the cleaning tasks are done 
they go back to being strangers without any connection 

Thursday is that once in a blue moon stroke of fate
that most awaited rain in Sahara
that sweet promise 
and that fairy tale day when your wish gets granted

it could have been unrequited 
it could have been a childhood love that one will out grow
but the girl took to account all the hidden glances of the boy
all the silent details she recorded in her memory

years later - one day the boy told her,
"your love at 16 will not be your love at 24"
the girl was a struck with sudden realization 
and the possibilities of truth in what the boy have said

"i will cross the bridge when i get there" 
the girl told herself with conviction
he remained distant and she remained optimistic
and they continued sharing Thursdays