Thursday, February 26, 2015

your mood is RINGing

I remember that way back I bought a Mood Ring.
It wasn't really what I was looking for at that time. Since I can't find a "Mood Swing Device", a Mood Ring would probably do.

I had a hard time reading and controlling my emotions before. I'm happy then the next minute I'm pissed. And when I was in a bad mood I don't have filters in my thoughts, words and actions. So it was chaos. A mood signal would have been a big help back then.

With the mood ring - it was all fancy! The color it changes to doesn't really match with my actual mood. Haha! I was just being childish and playful so I ended up disposing it into my "forgotten-things-box". Here's what the ring looks like and the meaning of the colors.


Now that I am the older version of my moody self, I am now able to manage and handle my emotions. It took a lot of learning (chaos). I realized that our thoughts manifest our emotions and our emotions manifest our actions. My point is we should filter our thoughts first. If you have a bad case of "mood swings" then better get some therapy or consultation.

I don't need a Mood Ring to tell me what I feel or how's my mood. I can tell it myself. Maybe what I need is a different kind of ring now. Hahaha (LOL)