Wednesday, November 9, 2011

wake me up when september ends...

Today I got a chance to chat with Shynne, my former workmate. We used to talk a lot before, we exchange updates on our lives and if there's something interesting we wanted to share. We used to see each other once a month for a food trip...i miss those times. Our schedules have been busy.

She asked me today why have I stopped blogging. And then I realize that yeah its been a while. So here I am taking my shot on a blog entry :)

SEPTEMBER took all my time and energy. It was the month wherein our parish celebrated its 50th anniversary and I had a part to play in running the lined up activities.

 Member of the Documentation Team

 Organized a frisbee clinic. That's me...the one that's about to catch the flying saucer :)

In action

 Photo by kayibea

  Photo by kayibea

  Photo by kayibea

  Photo by kayibea

 The Team

 Feeding Program

Mangrove Planting