Monday, November 21, 2011

My fascination over tattoos

It will always be a long-time dream of mine to get a tattoo. I know it isn’t possible though. I don’t fear the needles...I’m sort of a masochist. It’s just that I am not allowed to get one (boohoo). There was this one time that I got a henna tattoo on my hand – a Chinese character, my father scolded me for doing so even if I reasoned out that it will be washed off in days.

Often times, people with tattoos get judged. Whether they are rebellious, addict, prostitute, gang member, criminal or anything alike. It’s a form of expression and art for me but it depends on the story behind each tattoo and how it is being done. I am very fascinated over people who are brave enough to ink their selves and flaunt the marks. A tattoo for me will never be meaningless. So I am listing down the tattoos I have a high regard for and of which I wish I can have (sighs).

On top my list would be Angelina Jolie’s tattoos. But before I enumerate them I’d like to share a quote from her, "I am still at heart—and always will be—just a punk kid with tattoos."

1. Pali Incantation tattoo. Hey, it’s a prayer so how could it be wrong? Here’s the English translation:
May your enemies run far away from you.
If you acquire riches, may they remain yours always.
Your beauty will be that of Apsara.
Wherever you may go, many will attend,
serve and protect you, surrounding you on all sides.

2. Geographical Coordinates tattoo that represents the birth locations of her kids and partner - Brad Pitt. It's such a cool concept!!! So if I'm going to get my very own geo-coordinates tattoo it would be:

N7° 8' 9" E125° 41' 13"  à location of my home in Samal

3. Words from her favorite poet Tennessee Williams -- “A prayer for the wild at heart, kept in cages”
As per to Angelina the tattoo meant for her as: "I don't think I know one person who I think can be completely who they are, every second of the day, who feels completely free...So it's kind of a prayer for everybody to find their happiness, to break out...Anything that makes us comfortable, those things are cages around us."

I am such a fan of poetry. I think that somewhere inside me lies a poet who is thirsty for words to be filled out in the pages.

4. Angelina Jolie’s latin quote tattoo – “Quod me nutrit me destruit”
It means "What nourishes me, destroys me”. This simple verse kept me thinking and it actually made a perfect sense.

5. Window tattoo - refers to her once held view on life: "Wherever I am, I find myself looking out of the window, wishing I was somewhere else."

I completely sympathize with these thoughts. Many times have I wished to fly somewhere far. I often borrow the quote of Bob Dylan “I am not there” – the feeling of being physically stranded in a place while your thoughts wanders in a different place. I felt like I am stuck in the 80’s and 90’s but if given a choice I would chose to be born on the 60’s and 70’s.

6. The NEW tattoo she got in her leg – Whiskey Bravo
Rumor has it that it is dedicated to Brad Pitt and due to persistent research it has being decoded. Using military alphabet, Whiskey stood for letter “W” and Bravo stood for “B” which represents William Bradley, Brad Pitt’s real name.

I find it sweet because Angelina stated in early interviews, "I'll never be stupid enough to have a man's name tattooed on me again". This is when she lasered off the tattoo with the name of her ex-husband. And it’s ironic, because again she inked herself for the man she loves.

7. Aside from Angelina, Miley Cyrus’s tattoo in her left rib cage – “Just Breath” made it to my list.
It was dedicated to her grandfathers who both died of lung cancer. She said that “It reminds me not to take things for granted. I mean breathing – that was something none of them could do, the most basic thing. And I put it near my heart, because that is where they will always be.”

Since the tattoo is dedicated to her grandparents – I like it.


So in case I’ll get myself a tattoo or tattoos, here are the possibilities:

One-winged sparrow (using white-ink)
This signifies my pain of losing my grandmother whom I call Ami – shortcut for Mommy. I grew up with her. When she left I am less of a person. I have lost my other wing. I will always feel that no matter how high I soar it wouldn’t feel as significant as it should be… just like a 1-winged bird who can never enjoy flying the majestic skies.

Connect the dots that would spell “ched”
This is my Ami’s nickname. She always marks her belongings with "ched". And since I am her child, I would love to be marked with a “ched”. This means I am hers.

“psalm xxiii”
The bible verse that I try to remind myself
(above image does not depict the actual bible verse)

Compass pointing to North
 At some point we’ll get lost in our journey. I always tell myself to “Keep north” so I won’t be side tracked, I won’t lose myself and I won’t forget who I am. As long as I know the direction I am taking, I'll be fine.

Piano keys
 I took piano classes when I was a kid. Ami let me take classes - one of her dreams for me is to become a pianist. Oh well, those are the things in life that changed. Since I stopped taking classes it will remain a dream for me.

Also, the ebony and ivory color of the piano keys symbolizes the 2 simple facts of life – black and white.

PS: I'd like to share an old poem I made for a friend who got himself inked - connect the dots