Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bells aren't ringing

why is "marriage" becoming a constant topic for me? (crap!) not that i am frustrated or what it's just annoying to hear people say, "hey, you should marry at your age!", "you're the only one left in your friends that is still single!", "when are we going to receive an invitation", and more blabber. i am 26, that i am very aware of. it will come (or it may not...knock on the wood) so please chill.

today, boyfie and me talked about this without awkwardness (good heavens! sign na ba to Lord? hehe). it was a fun conversation especially when he said he'd prefer to have 2 or 3 children and then i added "yes, 2 twins and 1 triplets". hahaha. but hold your horses, no bells are ringing yet. i will be flipping more pages of the calendar before that happens.

and then later tonight i attended a wake where boyfie's grandmother was also present. i tried to escape her attention but my cruel friends (pandamay!) put me on the spot when they said, "kay, your future lola". now, i am in panic mode because i didn't rehearsed for this scenario and all i was able to do was exchange smiles and gave a "mano" as a sign of respect. suddenly she whispered something to me that made me blush (blushing RED cheeks!!!)..."you two (referring to boyfie) should now marry, please".