Monday, November 9, 2009

hang-over days

I watched the movie "HANGOVER" last night. I expected some hard laughs...and I did laughed hard. But I didn't expect to hit me in my blind spot.

I could not sleep after watching the movie. I was smiling while I'm lying in my bed, remembering all the crazy times in my younger years. Take note: I really do mean "CRAZY"! And the sad part is I miss all the fun times...I miss my crazy friends...and I miss myself being crazy. Oh well, growing up do *stinks* in some ways. One way of relieving this sad feeling is to write it down. So here goes...

Running/Playing/Soaking ourselves under the rain
We ♥ the rain! It never made us frown back in high school. Right after classes we'd walk our way home not minding our uniforms, bags and books to get wet. We'd chase each other in the streets.

Cinema Goofs
We we're only minors when we wanted to watch R-18 movies. So we faked our ID's. We didn't enjoyed the movies but we had fun:
-sitting far from each other then talking loudly inside the cinema
-using the other gender's comfort room (hahahaha)
-spying on every couple inside the cinema...catching their gooOoeey moments

Best Valentines Date Ever!!!
Yes, I do mean the best I ever had! It was a date with my bestfriends: Lester, Kiam, Padz, Lhot and Lhab. Everything was perfectly planned. The place: Punta del Sol by Lhab; the food: I cooked; the baloons & flowers: by Lester; the wine & beer: by Lhot, Padz, and Kiam; transportation: by Lester's kuya. We brought a cassette with our favorite musics, we played games, we laughed all night, and everything was fun and unforgettable.

Taxi Extra-Challenge
We stroll in groups so it's hard for us to get a taxi ride. But there are times when we get to meet cool taxi drivers. We were 7 people and we fitted inside a taxi! I got to lie in the lap of 4 people in the back seat plus 2 people were sharing the front seat.

Ten-te-ne-nen!!! Alcohol is a big part of my younger years. Most of the fun and crazy stuffs were when we were drinking. We joined beer drinking contest using a different name. We were chased by dogs when we entered a "No Trespassing" property and ended up with scratches when we escaped through the barbed wires. We cut classes and spend the day in drinking bars. We sang, danced, laughed, and fell so hard that we'd love to do it the next day, again and again. All the stories and the goofs in between left a marked in my memory (emo mode). I can't even write or tell everything, I can only afford a smile when I look back.

Extra-curricular events
My friends and I were active ni joining civic events. We love to organize reunion parties for our high school batch. We joined in different local contest. One embarrassing contest is the "F4" look-a-like, I played the San Cai role *hahahaha*. Our boys almost-always grab the championship trophies in basketball leagues and there were unforgettable victory parties. Geez....

Good thing is I remember everything!!! Not like some who forgets the fun and all that remains is a bad hang-over. Mine is a great hang-over! Cheers!