Wednesday, January 28, 2009

unbreak my heart


Since my motto for this year is "cost-cutting", I need to get rid of my credit card. This morning, I actually did torn it apart (huhuhuhu). Heartbreaking in a way but this should be done. I should have done this long time ago, long before I drown in debt (crap crap crap).

Okay, lesson has been learned so I don't like to hear sermons :) I am still struggling with my cost-cutting so bear with me.

Goodbye to:
• On-the-spot shopping
• "ituro mo inaanak at babayaran ko"
• KKB (kaykay bayad) dinners with college barkada
• Home Appliance Showcase gifts
• and the rest of my undisciplined expenses

But I still have to pay my outstanding balance of Php46,923.41