Friday, January 30, 2009


After more than a year of escape and alibis, finally I decided to go to the doctor today. I am not scared of those people in white suit, I just don't like to be examined and all. I felt healthy so I don't really need those prescriptions. But today is different, I had to go...I need to.

I went to an EENT specialist (Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat). I experienced frequent headaches in the past weeks. So I am guessing that this is caused by the excessive exposure to computer radiation. What can I do? My job description includes an 8 hour or more computer tasks. To make sure, I had to see a doctor.

Let us rewind to my first eye check up. This is back! It was in the year...oh well it was a long time ago. But I can remember exactly how I passed the eye test ;)

As I stepped inside the clinic, I noticed the letter chart. The one with big letters in the first row and decreases on the next row. I figured that I might need to read those, so I tried to memorize it as fast as I can without catching the doctor's attention. I am as prepared as a girl scout. nyahahaha. When I was called to sit in the execution chair to recite the letters. Whoah! Believe me that I had a perfect score *evil laugh*. Call me smart-ass! hahaha

Today, I did not took my smart-ass pill. I failed the eye test and diagnosed as a nearsighted with a grade of -50. Crap! Eyeglasses are cool but...I'm not feeling it these days. Oh well, let's see if it suits me.

"Your own foolishness will go back to your own body" -Clarencio Ibea (papa)