Saturday, August 22, 2009


:25: mic test...

If LOVE is the sky, I'd pray for wings...
I'd bravely take all the bruises for every fall
I'd flaunt the scars that I might earn
I'd fly high as I can just to get the closest chance to you

If LOVE is rain, I won't take an umbrella with me
I'd soak myself under the bliss of every drop
I'd spoil the innocent child inside me
I'd take the risk of getting sick the next day

If LOVE is the wind, I'd fly a kite
I'd chase every blow
I'd patiently wait
I'd hope for a second wind to come each time I fail

If LOVE is the ocean, I will buy a boat
I'd endure the big waves
I'd fight every tempting and misleading current
I'd voyage every stream that will lead me to you