Thursday, June 11, 2015

always & nevers

always starting the conversation with "How are you?"
always volunteering us for something new
(are you the oracle or something? can you really tell things that we didn't know we can do?)

always cheering everyone with your joyfulness and positivity
always seeing every person's potential and ability

always looking over the people around you
always believing that things will work out like they always do

never dull to share all those meetings that last for long hours
never failing to admit when other's idea is better than yours
(although you'll try next time to prove that you're right haha)

never forgetting to compliment with "good job" and "thank you"
never blaming when people make mistakes, it is not your kind of game

never selfish in giving support, trust and even video cameo
never failing to touch our hearts...the way that only Ed Forer can do!

so here's to always and nevers!
never will be the same
always you will be missed



If I will be given a chance to rewrite my career life...
I'd still chose to work with you Eddie