Wednesday, September 3, 2014

escape to #SarbayFest

2014 SARBAY FEST [Late Post]

Last May, we decided to jump in the festival boat. We went to the famous SARBAY Fest of Mindanao!

Even though we had few weeks of preparing, we were able to get GLAMPING (Glamour Camping) reservations. You rent a tent for the duration of the festival and you get to own it after. And we were able to hitch in a pick-up truck so somehow we dodge the troubles of commuting.

1. Sarbay fest is attended by thousands of people. Thus the beach line and the venue gets too-crowded. There are pros and cons.
2. Participate or witness the lined-up events. The festival starts on Thursday and ends on Sunday.
3. There's a variety of food available in stalls so you don't have to worry. Price is pretty much affordable.
4. Wear sunscreen! The temperature gets pretty much high so if you don't want to fry yourself, wear sunscreen with high SPF. 
5. If you are a party-person, this is one of the go-to festivals for you. It's like a 3-day straight partying!
6. Water is clear so enjoy the beach.
7. FIREWORKS are the best!!! 
8. Be responsible in throwing garbage. There aren't much of bins around. 

1. Book in the resorts early because they get fully booked 6 months prior to the festival. Contact and inquire to the organizers or the local government.
2. If you don't have your personal vehicle, rent a van. The venue is quite far. 
3. There are portalet. BUT - with the thousands in attendance you cannot expect cleanliness in the portable CRs. There's no water supply even. Hence, the bad smell! If I would rate the smell with 10 as the worst I'd give it a 10. Ha! There are resorts that offers use of there CRs with pay however the people lining up reaches more than 50 meters. 
And with some twist of (bad) luck - had my share of "portalet-nightmare" experience. I had no choice. My kidneys are going to burst! Even when you hold your breath, the smells sticks in your nose and skin. There's no light and water inside so imagine the torture of trying to escape and endure everything with not breathing. 
4. Enjoy taking a plunge before Saturday or Sunday. Because by then, the water gets polluted with garbage and drunk people.