Thursday, July 19, 2012

dum-de-dum dum-de-dum

This is one of those days that i should not miss blogging about!!!

Today, i had dinner with D♥ and his mother. yes, you’ve read it right. this is quite very unusual. something’s up. could all the planets have aligned today?

For more than 5 years of being together, this is the very first time i had a formal meal with his mother. i don’t want to exaggerate or raise my expectations but this is something i am surprised, happy, and nervous at the same time.

Its not like i don’t know his mother. we’ve met plenty of times and we’ve talked plenty of times before considering that D♥ and I were classmates from elementary to high school. i just was not formally introduced as a girlfriend to her by D♥ and that I understand — he has his own ways and reasons.

Today is different.

I arrived last at the restaurant but i wasn’t late. i welcomed them with my smile. believe me, my lips and cheeks could hardly move to form a smile. my hands were so cold and my thoughts were running in torpedo in my head. i was worried on what to say and on how will i be myself with my boyfriend’s mother. hahaha it’s not like i’m gonna ask for her son’s hand in marriage!!!

The funny thing is i ended up having a good conversation with D♥’s mother as he sat there quietly. we talked about D♥ and we both agreed that he’s often quiet, aloof and strict — and there are few people who would really know him. here are some of the memorable things we talked about:

  • D♥’s mother recalled our childhood days and revealed that she’s still keeps a picture of us when we were kids
  • She likes my cooking. I did cooked/prepared quite a few dishes for D♥
  • She mentioned “destiny” —- kapalaran gyud mo
  • She narrated stories about D♥ when he was a baby. I like hearing this kind of things specially straight from the woman who brought up the man I love
  • “Kumusta naman mong duha?” in english translation “How’s the both of you doing?” — and this felt very awkward. I wasn’t able to give an answer
  • “Most of your batchmates are already married and have kids right?” and I replied in my head “Yes, and we are the ones remaining to be single” hahaha
  • “So when will the both of you get [M-word]?” and I was like o_O whoa! I didn’t expect her to drop that question. I just pointed my finger to D♥ to give an answer but he was mum about it — as always
  • She shared stories about her being the eldest of 10 siblings, being a mother of 3 and now a grandmother
  • She shared about my grandparents whom are her teachers back then. I like listening about my grannies
  • She complemented about my community service before - that I was at my best. Geez!
  • She whispered to me, “D♥ is just like his father — the quiet type. But what’s important is your characters complement with each other.”
  • She mentioned that eventually in the future D♥ and I would have equal tasks in the household since I am good at cooking and other chores
  • We talked about career, family, vacation and happiness in life.

In general, D♥’s mom and I agreed on most things. There were moments I noticed that D♥ was uneasy and uncomfortable. He just don’t want to talk about some matters and we smiled each time we notice him smirk.

Today I am happy.