Thursday, June 7, 2012

Doubt No More

6/5 Household


Many times, we experience situations that cause us to question whether God is real or if He is truly beside us. It is during these times that God calls us back to the root of our faith. He calls us to believe and to be at peace, certain of His grace and unending love. He never wants us to be restless and doubtful of His existence.

Do you know Doubting Thomas? He was the disciple who questioned Christ’s return from the dead after hearing the news from the other disciples who witnessed the miracle themselves. Since he was not around when the risen Christ visited, Thomas said “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” (John 20:24-29).

It was when Christ appeared to Thomas that the later believed.

In many ways, we are like Thomas. When difficult times arise in our lives, we look only for the answers we have set our mind to see. We are stubborn and we question His power. We are numb to God’s love and deaf to His words because we selfishly reject the peace He provides.

When we experience pain, suffering, confusion, fear, anger, and doubt, God wants us to lift our hearts and allow ourselves to rest in His embrace. Peaceful – what a beautiful way to be!

Question: What doubts linger in my mind still?

Ha-ha-ha. Absurd thoughts came to my mind as I was outlining my answer to the question. It's funny when very recent events are related to the household sharing. It's like God is teasing you and you tell yourself - so that's it! Okay, to answer the question...I doubt the sincerity and intentions behind the SORRies I've been hearing lately. I just don't trust the person anymore. If you have been hurt by someone and everything are still fresh, its like an open wound that is very vulnerable to bleeding.

The reason why I laugh on my answer because I have been praying almost everyday to God to help me find in my heart to forgive and heal the pains that these people have caused. And when these people handed out their sorry after quite some time, I doubted. Could it be God's way of answering my prayers? And yet I have doubted! I don't know. It is hard to weigh things right now. 

I trust that eventually everything will be fine - in God's time. However, on the present time I undoubtedly despise these people and the acts they have done against me.