Monday, January 25, 2010


Dear Gerald,

Last Saturday was your wedding day. Who would have thought that you'd settle down ahead of us (hehe). I hardly slept on Friday night because I was thinking about you. You are one of my closest of the most trusted. I am happy for you as you embark into a new journey in life. Along with this will be changes of which I am not good with dealing with.

I feel pain. I know that I will surely miss you! I will miss the constant togetherness and the incomparable companionship that I found in you. I'm so used of you being around always! This is me being selfish! This should not be about should be about you but I can't help it. I am really sad to say goodbye to those's so hard to let go. Good thing is I will always be part of your family, rest assured!

Oh well, congratulations! No matter how far the venue of your wedding and I don't even mind the rain...I was there to witness one of the hallmarks in your life. Oh boy! We're really grown ups now...


maria said...

Congratulations to your friend. They look happy.

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