Friday, July 10, 2009

game face

As I make my way to work everyday, I am always at my "game face" mode. Blame it on the one hour travel. Except for the cases that I have someone to talk to. But today it was a groovy way.

As I was seated in the boat, waiting for it to reach the capacity number of passengers. The boat captain turned on the radio to break the long and boring minutes. Thank God! But I have to take that back, he tuned to a station that plays rock and loud music of which I am not a fan of. And so I ended up pissed off. The loud percussion sound and fast beat made it even worse.

Then I noticed the old lady seated in front of me. She was stomping her feet to the beat and her hands were like in sync with the percussion. Cool lola! Groovy lola! Suddenly, I felt that I was older than her for being grumpy early in the morning.