Friday, November 28, 2008

on twilight

For those who haven't watched the movie yet...better not read this entry.
Article contains movie spoilers

As I have mentioned in my previous blog, I got hooked with the vampire novel "TWILIGHT". Though I haven't really finished reading the e-book (source: Shynne), I guess I have already foreseen the possible scenarios. After a month, it was released in the big screen so I might as well find out the ending of Book1 in the cinema. I had high hopes and expectations for the movie.

I'll rate the movie 4 out of 10 (mabubusing kritiko!). The cinematography isn't that good. The story isn't explained very well. I liked it more when i was reading it. And one more thing, I can't concentrate because people kept on screaming in the jam-packed theater. Okay, got to work...ta-ta!