Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Inday found her forevermore

In finding our partner in life we don't get the luxury of having guides. There's no map to tell you the coordinates, there's no customized watch that would tell you the date and time, there's no compass or GPS - it's like walking blind in a battlefield - okay, battlefield is way exaggerated. 

Despite all these, there are those who still managed to find their other half. And there's no better way to validate such "blessing" than to seal it through the sacrament of marriage.

I have witnessed quite a few weddings myself and a dear friend's wedding is something I would not ditch. 

BUT... this friend is out of the ordinary I must say. She and her partner chose a venue that is approximately 4 hours away from the city - Davao to Bukidnon. And note that both of them are not from that place - they just agreed to have the wedding there for their personal reasons. So the catch here is only those who are willing to endure the long travel and spend time & money will be able to witness their union.

I was half-hearted in the beginning. But with a few more push from the rest of the gang we were able to pull out a grand plan - TO THE WEDDING WE SHALL GO!!!


It was a beautiful wedding! Not grand but nevertheless celebrated with the important people in the lives of the couple. The scenic venue is a plus as well. One thing to keep in mind is when the years pass, what you will remember is not the location or how grand is the wedding - but the people you shared it with, the laughs, the experience from the preparation to the big day, and the exchanged vows between the couple.

This is one for the books. It was indeed a fun and touching experience. Cheers to the first wedding in 2015 that I attended! Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. M!!!