Friday, August 16, 2013

here i am to worship

On an all-female weekend retreat that I attended this month of August, I was asked to lead a worship. Note that it is not often that a girl is given the opportunity to lead a worship so I put aside my hesitations, fears & doubts and said YES.

At that moment, I was in a middle of a struggle. So I was somehow trying to conceal and control my emotions. But it was amazing because my weakness was converted to strength which made my worship even more connected, true, humble and personal. It's not one of those with scripted and memorized lines. I tried so hard not to have a breakdown when my voice started to shake and tears were ready to fall from my eyes. It was an experience where I shared my deepest prayers to God.

My friend told me that it was just perfect for me to lead the worship. She described my worship - POWERFUL.