Monday, November 19, 2012

Dyeniper Getting Married [a night before]

I have a lot of catching up to do for my avid dear readers.

[play background cricket sound]

Anyways, September and October was quite a handful. Obviously, I didn't have the luxury of time and effort to blog about the recent updates of my gemini life. So first off to clear from the list of things to blog about: Dyeniper Getting Married.


It was on the month of July when I posted an entry of a prenuptial photo shoot of a dear friend. 2 months later, it was time to walk down the aisle and seal the deal of matrimony.

I honestly love weddings. I love the every detail and preparation of it. I am such a sucker for the romantic story and aura behind the entire ceremony. And I hate to admit that I cry every time I witness the bride walk down the aisle - when all eyes are on her and as her parents give her away to the groom. Crap! I'm such a weakling... I fall into tears each time. 

Going back to the wedding, I was invited to be one of the bridesmaids. With my excitement and love for the bride's family I filed a leave of absence from work just to perform my bride's maid duties.

The night before, we stayed in the hotel room of the bride. No no no... you're wrong for thinking that we threw a bridal shower. Sadly [this is a personal feeling when i was thinking of getting a front-row seat of a random hottie doing some sexy dance then poof!!! expectation didn't meet reality! hahaha] - the bride wasn't feeling the need to go through that experience so she skipped that "last-night-of-being-single" tradition. So we all decided to make use of the time we have by doing the unfinished-details of the wedding.

 the maid-of-honor

 ninong & ninang give aways

 one of the bride's maids - caught on the act
 the give aways

 finishing up the photo presentation

 guest book