Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st day of school

Yesterday was my brother's first day of school in college. Let's rewind to one month ago...

I accompanied Clinton in his enrollment, I filled up his forms. Yes, in a way I am making him dependent of me but you can't blame me...I am his older sister and I would want him to depend on me as long as time allows. I also accompanied him in practicing what jeepney to ride since he's not yet familiar with the Davao routes. Last Sunday was the last leg of our Davao-guide activity. We end up having an eat-all-you-can lunch, a walkathon in the city streets, a conversation on life experiences and learning, and a cinema - Terminator Salvation *awesome action movie*.

So last night, he narrated to me his first day in college. Oh boy! I suddenly recalled his 1st day in kindergarten. On his first class, he answered "ice cream" when his teacher asked him for a word that begins with letter "I". I was teary-eyed that time. From then on, I tried to be present in all activities he joins and the tears are always there (drama queen ate!).

I consider my brother as one of the greatest gifts in my life. I hope he won't grow that fast. And that he will learn on my mistakes and be better on what's his good at. Ate will be here...now and always.